Friday, April 29, 2005

Haggling Over Home Sweet Home

"Lovely, well priced. Showroom home in great condition. Window treatments, ceramic tile and three full baths."

The above is the realtor's description of the home we are trying to buy. All in all (and considering there are no pictures of the home online) it's not very descriptive. The selling points are basically "nice looking, well priced, window treatments, ceramic tile and 3 baths."

Did you notice that 1 out of the 5 selling points is the window treatments? And they are quite nice, probably way-expensive designer curtains & drapes. We took that into consideration when we made the offer.

The seller wants to take the window treatments with her. She countered our perfectly (more than) reasonable offer to say that she is renegging 20% of the original offered setup. And she wants to close ONE DAY EARLIER. And she thinks we should pay $75 instead of $50 for the HOA transfer fee.

Crimminee. Why are sellers so weird??? Who changes a contract for $25? It was a struggle to keep J from countering with a HOA fee of $62.50 just to spite her. I thought we should have demanded the washer, dryer and refrigerator as replacement for the upstairs curtains. But I was overruled and informed that people just don't do that in Texas. I barely got away with asking for the refrigerator. And it was so tempting to add in "AND 3 BOTTLES OF KETCHUP AND A CASE OF PEPSI. DIET PEPSI."

I could have used that washer and dryer. If she dares to counter again, I'm getting the washer and dryer or she can take her pretty house and STUFF IT.


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