Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Cantoni was totally fun yesterday. They got one of those Fom pillows and taped it to my belly to "enhance" the fact that I'm pregnant. I looked like I was about ready to pop at any moment.
Then I was paired with a guy named Todd and we were "the expectant couple" lounging on the couch (the round couch that was totally cool and I really wanted to take it home with me).

We were basically cracking up the whole time because he kept having to do things like put his hand on my belly, pat the belly, kiss the belly, rub the belly, and it was just plain weird...although admittedly, it probably would have been weirder if it had been my real belly. Then we ditched the "baby" and did some shots as the "professional couple" coming home from a long day of work and collapsing on the couch, which of course is what we had wanted to do from the beginning (what else could a couch like that be for?). I hope that one turned out ok, but I think it may have been a little stiff due to the fact that I had to fall backwards onto Todd and was really worried that I was going to clock him right in the face.
Can't wait to see how the commerical turns out. Apparently they're going to be airing it in several major cities across the country toward the end of the month.
Also got to be in some Tostitos shots while I was there for some internal video they did. Fun stuff. I hope I get the opportunity to do some more work like that. All the people at the production studio were great to work with and seemed like really neat people.


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