Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Old People Rock

"Hello Amy. You have 4 new messages. First new message:
  • 'Hello? Hello, this is John Doe. I'm 83 years old and I want to get a unit shipped to me each month so I can get my commissions. I'm 83 years old and I need to make some money.'

Left Yesterday at 5:02PM. Next Message:

  • 'Hello? This is John Doe. I want to call someone to place an order, not listen to someone tell me what I can't do.'

Left Yesterday at 5:04PM. Next Message, marked URGENT:

  • '550...6130...Hello...'

Left Yesterday at 5:05PM. Next Message:

  • 'Hello... I need to place an order and I need to do it tonight. This is very important. Tomorrow might be too late. Please send me a unit each month. My credit card number is 1234... 56.. 78.. 9101121... 3. Someone please call me...tonight...and let me know that you have done this.'

Left Yesterday at 5:10PM. End of New Messages."

As a side-note, our dear John Doe also left 4 messages on the main voicemail box, 3 on Jamie's voicemail and 1 on Boss Man's voicemail (in which he neglected to leave his name, number or any other identifying information and I walk past Boss Man's office to hear 'Who are you???")

Come to find out this morning, there was really no urgency and he didn't need to place any order at all.

I love old people. Sometimes.


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