Saturday, May 14, 2005

And then...

I'm watching my husband and brother take turns fighting mythical monsters in the sewers of Athens. And after seeing a woman fall off a rope seven times and fall with a bloody splat to the ground below, I'm wondering why a video game character who can defeat a Harry-Potter-esque serpent and run circles around minotaurs and medusas can't break a 95-lb woman's 25-ft fall. Athens' only hope indeed.

But anyway.

I got a lesson in motherhood last night. J plays softball with the fellowship group team, so I went to game to - you know, be supportive and stuff. I ended up co-babysitting a 7-month old belonging to two parents in our group who were also on the softball team. I learned how to apply orajel to a teething infant's gums (and what it feels like when that infant then grabs my finger and begins chewing on it). I also learned that it is a physical impossibility to watch a softball game while caring for a somewhat fussy baby. And that no amount of gum-numbing or walking or bouncing will satisfy an infant with a dirty diaper. A hint of what's to come, I'm sure.

I also won my first group game last night at our small-group gettogether. It was one of those "how well do you know people" games in which you have to guess "if so-and-so were an animal, what would they be?" I should mention here that I probably know the least about other people in our group, because J and I are relatively new and some of these people have known each other for years. So it was all the more satisfying to win. Obviously, I have an uncanny ability to analyze people I barely know. Obviously.

Yeah, this is a pretty boring post. but it's almost midnight and I'm tired, and frankly can't remember what I sat down to write about in the first place. Call it pregnancy insanity. So have a little boring until I figure it out. Good night.


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