Thursday, January 19, 2006

Embarassing Moment #216

This is the face my boss saw when he walked into my office the other day while I had my shirt pulled up to my neck and was in the middle of using my breast pump. It went something like this...

Him: (knocking on door)


Him: (opening the door)

Me: (hiding behind computer monitor)

Him: Did you get an email from so-and-so?

Me: What the...??? If I say no, will you GO AWAY???

I'm still not sure if he even noticed. I was very grateful for a well-placed computer monitor. Perhaps I should start hanging a sign outside my door.

We still don't have a nanny for Button, which means that as of February 20th, we'll be in a bit of a pickle. Ideally, J's home-based business that he is trying to put together will take off just in time to generate enough income that he can work from home and be there with her. But we're not exactly counting on it.


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