Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Who let the dog out (woof woof woof...)

In the past several days, Hastings has escaped twice for a run around the neighborhood. Shiba Inus are natural runaways, and since we lost our previous dog to a speeding car during a similar escapade, we tend to be a bit paranoid about "letting the dog out." But things happen and after two years of confinement, Hastings darted out after the sweet aroma of freedom and I felt my heart leap into my throat as I ran after him with flashbacks of my bleeding puppy laying limp in the road.

We managed to catch him both times - a miracle in and of itself, as a shiba on the loose is faster than a cheetah with its tale on fire - so this story does have a happy ending. The other miracle is that he allowed himself to be trapped in the same space twice, a mistake he usually doesn't make the first time.

Through the ordeal, it became glaringly apparent what a role upheaval our household has gone through since Button's birth. During the first year we had him, Hastings escaped and I came very close to a nervous breakdown, even after we caught him. J came home to a very exhausted and teary wife who was quite ready to give the dog up because I couldn't endure the stress of it.

But this week we both found ourselves able to take the incident more or less in stride - a good thing, because if he had escaped twice in 4 days a year ago, it would probably have sent me over the edge. This four-legged rocket that used to be our child has now, to his confusion, been reduced to the role of the family pet. Now that we actually have a child, our lives and well-being are not so entertwined with the dog's and, though it would be a tragedy, we would be able to function if something happened to him.

Now let's just hope Button doesn't run away any time soon.


At 6:58 PM , Blogger Stereoette said...

miss yall. much love

(to hastings too, my litle friend hastings)


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