Saturday, January 29, 2005


I love my job. I love my job because I had a real knock-down-drag-out with The Boss yesterday and still have a job. An invigorating fifteen minutes of yelling at eachother ended in laughter and (him) telling jokes. Dirty jokes. I love my job. I still wish I had actually won the argument though.

Here's a quick reference for any future posts about the people I work with:
  • The Boss: President of the company. Has been in direct marketing for over 40 years and seen just about everything. Blatantly (and refreshingly) the most politically incorrect man I've ever met. Has opinions and advice on just about anything, can talk a blue streak and is mysteriously sharper than he presents himself. Analyzes personalities of those around him (almost) impeccably. Pronounces "business" as "bidnuz." Has a lot of unconventional methods based on experience, which drives everyone crazy, especially since he usually turns out to be right.
  • Boss-Man: The Boss' subordinate. Partner in the company, his official title is something like "VP Marketing." Primary supervisor, comes in to work approximately 3 hours out of the day to write checks and pay bills. Also heads up on-location meetings. Other than that, we're not really sure what he does except that he's the only Partner that is in the office on a regular basis. Has a lot of traditional business sense, which conflicts at time with The Boss' methods. Is also 6'2", 280 lbs, and enjoys approaching within three inches so you are tempted to take a step backward to avoid being squashed.
  • Partner-Boss: More company partner than boss. The motivational/inspirational leader of the three. Rarely in the office, knows everybody in the whole world. Personal acquaintance of GW Bush. Stays with the President of Nigeria when he visits. Gets SUVs and Superbowl Tickets for free just for being a nice guy (to the right people). Former nightclub owner that shut his businesses down to go into the ministry and open a BBQ restaurant at which he holds weekly meetings of encouragement and accountability for his fellow brotherhood and anyone else that cares to attend. Has an unusual and almost unintelligible accent that mainly consists of dropping every consonant. Has never met a stranger.
  • Jamie: My one and only co-worker. We keep each other sane.


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