Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Multiple Personalities

Yay, done with crappy project from yesterday! And more thankful than ever that I didn't go into accounting.
Now for the daily work vent session...Does anyone besides me notice that a startling number of customer service representatives seem to have the IQ of a cow and the personality of a rotten grapefruit?
As a minor example, I attempted to (painlessly) get the address of a motel where we're holding a company meeting next week...

WOMAN: aslkdjcoicjewej kdmnclkj, how may I help you?
ME: Is this the Pine Valley Motel?
WOMAN: Yeah.
ME: Ok, can I get the address of the motel please?
WOMAN: Elevenuh827highwaaay226south
ME: Was that 11827 Highway 226 South?
WOMAN: Uh-huh.
ME: Ok, thank you.
WOMAN: Who wants to know?
WOMAN: Yeah, but why?
ME: ...So that I can get there...
WOMAN: (silence)
ME: Our company is having a meeting there...and I need to be able to tell people where it is.
ME: Um..bye now...

Did she think I was going to come by and steal the motel? It can't be unusual for people to call the front desk and want the address of the building they plan to spend the night at.
I also wonder what it was about her interview that made the owner of the motel say "this woman would be a great customer service representative." She wasn't exactly Miss Personality. Maybe she was just a good interviewer...multiple personalities or something.


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