Monday, February 07, 2005


Highlights from a family discussion on where to go for lunch.

Hey, we were thinking that Pei Wei sounded good for lunch today.
Oh no, not Pei Wei...
What's wrong with Pei Wei?
You always liked it before.
No, I love Pei Wei & PF Changs. It's just that every time I eat there, I leave feeling like 'Ohhh'.
Don't eat so much then. Take half of it home.
It's just that every time we go out to eat with you guys we eat at Pei Wei or PF Changs.
We haven't been there since November.
I'm just totally over Pei Wei and PF Changs. There's nothing really good there.
You just said you loved Pei Wei.
I only love one thing there. The beef and broccoli.
Ok, since you're the veto person, where should we go?
I don't know.
What's that other restaurant you think is gross? I think we should choose between those two.
I think a lot of restaurants are gross.
We know. You don't like anything.
No, I like a lot of restaurants, just not the ones you guys like.
Like what?
I like...Luna de Noche...and Carrabbas...and Posados.
So you like three restaurants.
And two of them are Mexican food, which we're having at the party tonight.
I like more than that, I just can't think of them right now.
We're a little burned out on Luna.
Yeah, I'm not in a Luna de Noche mood right now anyway. Italian sounds good.
We can't eat Italian before the party tonight. That would be way too much food in one day. How about WingStop. It's Superbowl Sunday afterall.
Sandwiches? Something light? Quiznos.
He's giving the 'I don't like Quiznos' face.
It's just that...hey, I do have a coupon for a free 6" sub at Subway though.
Not subway. Dry bread and green tomatoes.
I say we just let these two decide.
So what are you in the mood for?
Nothing really. I'm not hungry. I probably won't eat anything.
You're not hungry???
No, not really. You guys pick somewhere, it doesn't matter to me.
So why couldn't we have gone to Pei Wei?
We can go to Pei Wei. That's fine.
Of course you guys realize that while we've been standing here for the last 20 minutes, the rest of the church congregation has filed out of here and is now standing in the 3 mile long line at Pei Wei.
Let's just go to Pei Wei.
(half way to Pei Wei)
Hey, you guys wanna go to Red Lobster?
But you hate seafood.
No, I hate fish. And crab. But I love Red Lobster.
(unanimous) Red Lobster it is.


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