Thursday, February 10, 2005

Now That's Logic

We were watching Ripley's Believe It or Not last night, and among the showcase of a Siberian Forest Ranger with a Snap-on Face and some Dervish guys who think it's cool to hammer stakes through their heads, was Ashok Verma, a man whose claim to fame is the ability to lift a 13-lb weight by holding buttons in his eyes to which the weight is attached.
He embarked on this pastime because he is a jeweler by trade, and was beginning to worry about the condition of his eyes. After all, a jeweler who can't see doesn't have a career. Makes sense. But that's about where they lost me.
Concerned about the strength of his vision, he decided that if he could strengthen his eyelids, his vision would improve. Think about that for a second.
Further, he was convinced that the best way to strengthen his lids was to tie weights with pieces of string to two buttons and STICK THEM IN HIS EYES. Then with his eyelids closed over the buttons, he would try to lift the weights held by the strings.
Now that's some stone cold logic, right there. In the (likely) event that he jeopardizes his family's stability by dislodging his eyeballs or scratching out his corneas, at least he can become a circus performer. Do they have the circus in India?


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