Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bud's Sigh of Relief

Well, Bud Selig is off the hook for the time being...at least until next year. He should be having his neck wrung today for completely ruining the Home Run Derby by attempting to turn it into the International Equality Derby and therefore completely destroying the whole POINT of the game - being to see the best of the best sluggers duke it out.

By all means, the fans should have been severly disappointed in last night's Derby episode, and I don't think anybody really had high hopes for it...


First up to bat, he single-handedly broke all kinds of home run records, gave the crowd an amazing show, and consequently saved Bud Selig's neck.

Even David Ortiz' 17 homeruns in the first round, which broke the previous record of 16, was completely shadowed out by Abreu's 24. A bit of baseball history was made, and it was a beautiful site on our new plasma TV.

Bud, you had better buy the guy a gormet dinner for that. Or send his family on vacation for two weeks.

Other festivity highlights included Johnny Damon singing with the band, Pudge's kid getting totally pumped about his dad in the finals, and the kids falling all over each other in the field trying to catch the "outs".


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